About Candere Candleworks

Candēre is a latin word meaning: to shine, to glow.

And, that is what Candere Candleworks is all about. We strive to bring warmth and lights to your everyday lives with our handcrafted artisanal candles, and each and every single one of them are genuinely made for you!

We are committed to offer exclusive candle products that are not only practical for use, but also adds a touch of uniqueness and elegance to each one of them, so they can become a piece of classy art decor for your home, or even a chic gift that you are proud to offer to your beloved ones on any occasions.

We have heard of quotes and analogies such as "life is like a movie...", "life is like a play..." etc. If you love to watch movies and tv series of any kinds, we bet you can spot the use of candle in almost all of them. Candles represent a lifestyle, they are also practically and widely used throughout centuries.

We have a belief that candles are an essential items to be added to our everyday lives, even if you are always on-the-go. We continuously expand and evolve, we strive to offer products that can fit your needs, wherever you are!